giovedì 19 aprile 2012

XII ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture

Istambul, Turkey


The “Disaster Prevention and Education Centre” design comes from our observation and understanding of the cultural and physical context: the design area is cut out from a messy suburban residual plot in Istanbul. The neighbourhood development shows no unifying city plan and it looks as the result of single unconnected projectual events. Though many visitors are attracted to this district by its important functions (such as University, Expo Centre, Shopping Mall, Hotel) no free public space is provided. For this reason we thought that this design competition could give us the chance to provide the district with a green public heart. In the middle of the new park is situated the building that we imagine as an introvert monolith unconnected to the neighbourhood’s structures: it should be like an old heavy stone deeply split by geological events leaning on the ground that should in turn be warped and wrinkled by the building crash. The exterior wrapping has a deep split on the roof and on the east front and many other fractures more narrow and perpendicular to the first, useful to let natural light come into all the building interior spaces. The major split widens from the east to the west side taking up the most part of it and making room for the planetarium ceramic tiles dome emphasized as link to the local tradition and architecture. The impression of the dome is increased by its reflection on a large water pond.

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